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olio Coppini Arte Olearia alla Guida Michelin

Coppini Arte Olearia: The art of oil making

Since 1946 Coppini Arte Olearia has been a specialist in the production and distribution of Extra virgin Olive Oil of Certain and Certified Quality, for top-level Restaurants, food Speciality stores and true Gourmets.

The Extra virgin Olive Oil by Coppini Arte Olearia is available on the tables of the most famous Italian Restaurants and in the kitchen of top Chefs, and everyone who appreciates quality Extra virgin olive oil can cook real masterpieces when they use our oil every day at home.

Coppini Arte Olearia has been pursuing a farsighted idea based on innovation and respect for the environment, a plan put in action with commitment and perseverance by the Coppini Family since as far back as 26 March 1946. A plan conceived by Amèrico Coppini and his wife Anita, and then carried on by their son Ernesto, visionary and brave pioneer, then later by his four sons, young and brilliant entrepreneurs.

Today as in 1946, the company focuses the same attention and care on its extra virgin olive oil, from the olives to the finished product delivered directly to the customers. And it guarantees its commitment also through the certification of the supply chain traceability and the Identification Card that the company was the first to introduce.

The project t.o.p. was created in 1988 to clearly and transparently state the true origin of the Extra virgin olive oil. This marking represents the company identity, the certification of high quality of the product offered, and an authentic internal specification that leaves no margin for error.

In its production areas, i.e. Abruzzo, Apulia and Sicily, Coppini Arte Olearia has its Groves managed by olive growers that are required to comply with specifications and to follow the advice of expert agronomists.

In its Pilot Mill Coppini Arte Olearia experiments and researches with state of the art technology techniques to obtain the best and most sustainable extra virgin olive oil.

The company handles logistics and sales from the area of Parma, using the infrastructure and the expertise acquired in over 70 years in business.

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