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Olive Nocallara del Belice


The roots of an entire civilization hold on to those of the olive tree, of the tree of life, which can regenerate on itself and offers what is essential: shade in the summer, wood in the winter, oil for light and complete nourishment, like mother’s milk. Nature’s simple spontaneity.

Equally simple, but laboriously harvested from the land, is the art of extracting the olive oil, rediscovered today not only to enrich our food with its delicate flavours but also as a staple of the Mediterranean diet.

From three generations and with great passion, we are engaged in producing a perfect extra virgin olive oil that exudes love for the land and devotion to culture.

Because there is another way to produce extra virgin olive oil, that is:

  • Sustainable, as it respects the environment

  • Transparent, as it is traced in every step, from land plot to the table

  • Ethical, thanks to direct relationship with the growers who follow our specification

  • Innovative, thanks to the research and development work carried out in our Pilot Mill

Capturing the essence of the olive tree meticulously cold-pressed inside a green bottle, enhancing the importance of its natural elements - this is the magic we want to share with you, shortening the distance between producer consumer, between the oil mill and your table.


  • We pick the olives by hand and using combs

  • We store them in ventilated boxes

  • We press the olives within 24 hours from the harvest

  • Temperature is controlled by probes during the entire production process

  • Pressing is done with high-tech methods, using mixers and centrifuges, while saving water and maintaining a higher level of polyphenols

  • Storage takes place at controlled temperature in silos tank filled with Nitrogen

  • Bottling is done upon receipt of the order, to offer a fresh product all year long

  • The label certifies the presence of vitamin E and the degree of acidity

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