Our history

Ernesto, Matteo e Francesco Coppini


Two strong hands marked by the fatigue of those who have always fought, a bicycle, a man and a woman who accept the challenge of a lifetime. This is where our story begins, a simple story, a beautiful story.

Amèrico Coppini was a master cheese maker but was destined for greater things. His grandfather in Pistoia produced extra virgin olive oil and Amèrico within himself, nourished the need to rejoin his roots. He wanted to revive an activity so full of deep bonds and full of passion.

On his bicycle he fixes two wooden crates, inside the samples of his precious oil . So Amèrico, riding his two-wheeled "muscle-powered" wheels, brings the scent and richness of extra virgin olive oil where he didn't even use it. That of Oliandolo was a vocation for Amèrico. They called him "the oil missionary" when he traveled with his bicycle to make known the real extra virgin olive oil , teaching how to taste. Amèrico and Anita had already understood, well ahead of their time, the importance of culture in food and wine ; "knowledge first of all" to be able to appreciate the characteristics of a product.

It was March 26, 1946 when, with his wife Anita, he founded what would later become a company with a national and international brand: Coppini Arte Olearia . An ambitious project in which his son Ernesto will also join.

In 1960, at the age of eighteen, Ernesto joined the family business and began to deal with aspects related to sales. The witness is in good hands. Distinguished by the same tenacity and constancy of his father, he too becomes the protagonist of this genuine and transparent story. Always supported by his beloved wife Vanna, he has made his profession a real mission. With Ernesto, a new entrepreneurial spirit emerges, aimed at the pursuit of quality and excellence, but also at communication. In fact, the company cars show the “ Olio Perla ” logo. It is the first brand! The first identity.

Americo Coppini nel 1946
Ernesto Coppini e il marchio Olio Perla


Seasons run after each other. In the seventies the company experienced a new expansion. And with her also the Coppini family. The birth of Paolo, Matteo, Francesco and Pier Luigi brings a soft breath of joy and in the air there is already the scent of a future made of continuity and fidelity to the vocation by oiling it.

The intensity of a profession, the fullness of quality. The 80s and 90s are those in which the company turns all its attention to perfecting its identity. Not only extra virgin olive oil good: the goal is excellence.

In 1985 the provocation of a buyer “Parma is not a city oil to be proudly mentioned on the label ”reinforces even more the desire to emphasize the origin. The desire to certify and trace the supply chain is born.

In 1988 the t.o.p. project with which the traceability of the product is guaranteed: Coppini Arte Olearia is the first company to report on every bottle of extra virgin olive oil a real identity card, a certification of product excellence, a hymn to transparency.

The new millennium means development, evolution. The young Coppinis join the team, internationalization begins. These are the years of new projects: cultivation, harvesting and pressing facilities are present in Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily with 3 thousand olive growers, " The olive growers of Italy ", who confer following the specification of Coppini Arte Olearia .

As part of the improvement strategy, in 2012, the “ Pilot Oil Mill ", a real research and innovation laboratory, while the following year the new production plant was built, on the front motorway, next to the Parma Fairs: it is the “Opificio Verde”, where oil is produced in compliance with the sustainability environmental and social.

In the following years production expands with condiments from contemporary pressing and other special products, such as oil organic and the organic vegan oil .


Seventy years since a young man made his oil known in Parma and its villages. Seventy years during which Ernesto and then his children, Matteo, Francesco, Pier Luigi and Paolo who, with the memory of him, helps and encourages them, have continued to pedal without ever stopping. Making yourself known in Italy and in the world, a dream come true. “ Love is an olive tree ", love is an olive tree, with this ideal in its heart, Coppini Arte Olearia managed to bring a small tree up to CNR pyramid laboratory, at 5050 meters, at the base of Everest. It is gestures like these that demonstrate the dedication of the Coppini family . A family that has never spared itself, that has always given its best and welcomed new stimuli with enthusiasm. Anita and Amèrico, Vanna and Ernesto, her children and in the future a fourth generation with the children of her children. Without ever complaining, giving up or getting tired, the enthusiasm for this activity has been handed down relentlessly for decades.

Paolo Coppini, Matteo Coppini, Francesco Coppini, Pierluigi Coppini e il papà Ernesto
Coppini Arte Olearia, famiglia Coppini


Coppini Arte Olearia also goes far towards internationalization: from Cibus fairs to exhibitions abroad, without ever forgetting where we started. At the headquarters in Strada del Grugno the beating heart of the company continues to beat.

Amèrico's bicycle continues to run uninterruptedly on the road to innovation. Nothing will now stop the trail of his two wheels which, from the peaks of the highest mountains, have reached the Expo in Milan.

It all started here: from two strong hands marked by the fatigue of those who have always fought , from a bicycle, from a man and a woman who accept the challenge of a lifetime.

This is where our story began, a simple story, a beautiful story.

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