Silver Tree Award for Quality in Arts

Premio l'albero d'argento



Starting in 2010, we have established the “The Silver Tree for Quality in the Arts” award, originated by the Coppini Family strongly felt desire of "Feeding the Planet" - from the theme of the Expo 2015 - with art and culture. To create through culture and the arts strong ties between minds, hearts and beautiful souls, healthy and real, which feed the Planet and originate virtuous circles of creative energy.

Following the first edition dedicated to Maestro Leo Nucci (the world’s greatest baritone ) and the second edition won by Professor Giovanni Ballarini (food anthropologist and President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine), the award will always be given to people who, in the different domains of the Arts, have sought Quality above all, without compromises

The Ark of Culture –Agorà Orsi Coppini Museum, home of the Silver Tree for Quality in the Arts award, was created as a place for dialogue (as it was the agorà for the Greeks) and for sharing Excellence, without ever betraying Quality, meant as Transparency, Intellectual Honesty and Passion for the profound soul of a person’s artistic vocation; the unmistakable Light that is a sign of Good, who continues to create the Universe and its Beauty trough the talents bestowed on humans. To us the duty and honour to grow them and put them at the service of fellow man and the World as a gesture of supreme humbleness and eternal endurance of Beauty, as the Creator’s ultimate gesture.



The First edition of the award on September 27 2010, was dedicated to Maestro Leo Nucci, the greatest living baritone, as an appreciation to his fabulous artistic career, as "interpreter and ambassador of Verdi’s music all over the world".


The Second edition of the award on December 18 2012, was dedicated to Professor Giovanni Ballarini, President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, Professor Emeritus of the University of Parma.


The Third edition of the award on May 9 2014, was dedicated to the Progetto Mediterranea, a project dreamed by Simone Perotti with a group of young, daring and pragmatic people that decided to dedicate 5 years of their life to researching the origin of our culture in the Mediterranean, while launching an absolute seafaring novelty: co-sailing.


The Fourth edition of the award on October 24 2015, was dedicated to Maria Letizia Gardoni, Chairman of Coldiretti Giovani Impresa, for the original and unique contribution given to Italian agriculture through innovation, courage and a powerful force of change.


The Fifth edition of the award on November 22 2016, was dedicated to the Paralympics athlete swimmer Giulia Ghiretti, a Parma native, for 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly.

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